About Us - The Grand Duchess of Shortbread

Germany is to blame.  If it wasn't for her teenage daughter's upcoming school trip to Germany, a mother who loved to bake, create and wear a sparkly tiara would never have unleashed the addictive buttery empire of goodness also known as the Regal Shortbread Company. 


It all started one afternoon  in a kitchen in Whitby as Anita (aka The Grand Duchess of Shortbread) tried to think of ways to raise funds that would not kill her regal spirit. Playing to her strengths (creating beautiful baked things that her loyal subjects loved to devour) she came up with the idea of selling home baked shortbread to the unsuspecting neighbourhood. ​It soon became apparent that the people wanted more. And more. And more. 'Let them eat shortbread,' she declared while polishing her tiara and grooming her unicorn, 'and let them have different flavours to choose from!"


Hence, the Regal Shortbread empire was born. With six different flavours, each with its own patron and royal pedigree it brought pure buttery bliss to the world. And as the empire grew, so did the demand. Once again, the Queen listened  and while the divine treats were once the privilege of only a select few, it can now be ordered online by all the subjects of the land.


God bless Germany!



After six long, exhausting and character building years at the Thorndon Farmer's Market I opened my long awaited shop in Whitby.